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OPQ Reports Specialist Provider – Recruitment, Testing and Feedback

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OPQ reports for Recruitment, Selection and Development

Iridium provides a range of specialist consultancy services using the OPQ occupational personality questionnaire from SHL including testing, feedback and coaching for recruitment, selection and development. Iridium’s qualified OPQ specialists will work with you to interpret the OPQ results to enable you to reach your goals. We can administer the OPQ questionnaire and generate reports as part of your selection/recruitment process, as part of an assessment centre or as a stand-alone development session.

What is the OPQ?

OPQ is the most widely used occupational personality questionnaire, is available in over 20 languages and has a worldwide research base conducted over the last twenty years. There are 32 trait dimensions, hence the name OPQ32. Answers are compared to a large group of similar level managers/professionals who have completed the questionnaire in the past. OPQ is available in a range of 20 different languages and so it is also useful for recruitment internationally. For more information download the OPQ Brochure. To see the types of questions used go to the practise area of SHL’s site or see some sample questions. Note:It is not a test as there are no right or wrong answers!

What do you get from OPQ?

Results are provided in 3 broad areas: relationships with people, thinking style and feelings and emotions with several sub-scales for each area. The 32 scales make it easy for OPQ to be linked with your competency framework.

OPQ looks at personal preferences rather than observed ability but it is very useful for giving an insight into what motivates and what ‘switches off’ people.

OPQ results are produced in a range of concise, graphical and user friendly computer generated expert reports and are also given in comparison to norms of similar level candidates.

How does an OPQ assessment work?

A typical recruitment scenario would involve candidates completing the questionnaire online in advance of an interview and a report produced highlighting areas to probe at interview. Typically reports are turned around in 48 hours. Clients using the OPQ include The Open University and BAE Systems. We can also provide one to one feedback, input into assessment centres, coaching and team and leadership development workshops.

Who do I contact about OPQ?

You can call Colin Graves now on 07881 636538 to discuss how OPQ can be used in your organisation (if the line is busy please leave a message) or contact us via the web. Give us a test now.

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