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Presenting Skills – feed the positive thoughts. Wolves, plants, water…

14th Jun, 2010

Presentation Skills – Feed the positive thoughts

Or: Wolves, plants, water via Peter Thomson

I heard the story it was about the Native American boy asking
his grandfather about life. The wise one had explained that inside
every person there were two wolves. One was brave and one was

The boy asked which one was the stronger. The grandpa replied:
“Whichever one you feed the most!”

I’ve heard the story based on two plants growing and the same
reply would suffice – whichever one you feed.

Here’s a slightly different take:

Let’s say your thoughts are as buckets full of water.

Unfortunately there’s a hole in each and every bucket
so the water slowly runs away.

Imagine for a moment one of your regular thoughts
is about success and achievement – whilst another is
the worry of failure.

Each bucket is full of water – but slowly and surely the
water is dripping away through the holes in the bottom
of these containers.


You keep adding ‘water’ to your success thoughts bucket –
you’ll be able to keep it full and clear and fresh.

If you STOP adding water to your failure thoughts bucket,
sooner rather than later it will empty and rust away to nothing.

Three stories, three ideas, three methods of reminding us both
that success starts with the thoughts we regularly hold in
our minds.

And perhaps…

As importantly – the words we utter based on those words.

I’m going to be more aware of my thoughts and my words
to make certain my right buckets are full, my plants are
healthy and strong and my wolf of success is constantly
ready to spring.
From Peter Thomson www.tgimondays.com