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Myers Briggs for NHS Teams – Team Development

22nd Apr, 2012

Many NHS trusts are increasingly interested in raising performance through improving the way teams within the organisation perform and work together. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator we have found is a great way to bring teams together as it highlights in a very non-judgemental way how different personalities interact in a work environment. We have worked with a wide range of NHS trusts including hospital foundation trusts, PCTs, GPs and Ambulance services. In a team day or half day we enable participants to increase their own self-awareness and then the awareness of others in the team. Then with a number of highly participative exercise we explore how they can use their knowledge of personality to improve meetings, communication, implementation of change and teamwork. Contact us now on 07881 636538 to discuss. There is more on the website at https://www.iridiumconsulting.co.uk/myers-briggs-for-nhs-teams/