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Assessment Centre Design, Development, Facilitation and Preparation

Iridium provides bespoke in-house workshopsHow can you make sure you have the right people with the correct skills, abilities and personality to fit your organisation?

The use of assessment techniques enables you to search for the particular skills and values that your organisation needs. Research has shown that assessment centres designed around competency-focused exercises are the most accurate predictor of future performance.

What is the difference between an Assessment Centre and a Development Centre?

Both assessment centres and development centres use the same techniques, however a development centre is typically used in-house with existing staff and leads to on-going development whereas an assessment centre is used primarily for selection.  For more information on development centres see our separate section.

What is an Assessment Centre?

A process not a place
Several Candidates (4-12) observed together
Multiple exercises
Opportunity to observe behaviour
Observation made by trained observers
A systematic assessment process is used based on competencies
Candidates able to demonstrate skills and abilities, not just talk about them
Produces a yes/no decision

Assessment Centre Design

Your assessment centre from Iridium will be tailored to your exact needs taking into account your organisation’s culture and the competencies that you value. If necessary we will work with you to put a competency framework in place. As we are truly independent you have a wide range of different exercises to chose from: developed by ourselves as well as sourced externally.  Alternatively we can design bespoke exercises for you.

Preparation for Assessment Centres

We also help prepare participants  and organisations for assessment centres. See our blog on interviews/pitching. Contact us for more details.

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