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Goals and the Canadian Astronaut

9th Feb, 2015

Goals and The Canadian Astronaut – Beginning with the end in mind I was recently driving to a meeting with a client whilst listening to BBC Radio 5 Live. Chris Hadfield, the Canadian Astronaut, was being interviewed live on radio and his interviewers were pupils at a school in Manchester. One of the pupils started […]

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The Happiness Formula?

22nd Dec, 2014

Over the past couple of decades a whole new branch of psychology has evolved called positive psychology. Academics around the world have started to study the positive side of human life looking into topics such as optimism, resilience, flow, strengths, emotional intelligence and happiness. The research into happiness, although still in its infancy, suggests that […]

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Ethiopia and the art of thinking clearly

19th Nov, 2014
Gill on top of the world in Ethiopia

We recently returned from a holiday in Ethiopia. Just the linking of the words ‘holiday’ and ‘Ethiopia’ may be causing you some mental confusion right now? Whenever we have told people, either before or since our holiday, we have been often met with some incredulous looks and sharp intakes of breath! Why should just linking […]

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Put your goals in the positive

10th Jan, 2014

For many years we have been telling clients to make sure any goal is expressed in the positive. It seems that the brain doesn’t process negatives well. If I tell you for example to “not think of blue fish” your mind is probably now awash with images of blue fish! Away from or avoidance goals […]

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Bradley Wiggins – the Chimp and responsibility

26th Jul, 2012

You no doubt anticipated a blog post on Bradley Wiggins’ success in being the first Briton to win the Tour de France!  Almost as soon as Wiggins’ win was secure someone said to me, “I bet that will be your next blog!”  I must admit initially I wasn’t sold on the idea as it seemed, […]

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The House of Change – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

28th Mar, 2012

The House of Change – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel If you’re a regular reader of our monthly tips you’ll know that we love to draw learning from every-day events and experiences – holidays, hobbies, books, films etc. This month’s tip is no exception with the inspiration on change management drawn from the hugely successful film […]

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Making Your Own Luck

19th Jan, 2012

Lucky I read this… I was recently recommended a book on luck – ‘The Luck Factor’ by Robert Wiseman. I must admit I was sceptical as I’ve always believed that you made your own luck and that waiting for luck to happen was no strategy for success. It turns out that Robert Wiseman who is […]

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Contagion at Work

16th Dec, 2011
Emotions are contagious at work

‘Contagion’ isn’t a word that I typically use in my day to day vocabulary.  Yet, in the past two months, as the Euro Crisis has evolved from a local difficulty on the extremities of Europe to a full-blown crisis at its very heart, ‘Contagion’ seems to be THE word on all the financial commentators’ lips.  […]

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Actuality, Capability, Potentiality

19th Oct, 2011

Do you accept actuality? What is your capability? Think what it will be like to reach your potentiality. Stafford Beer in his book ‘Brain of the Firm’ outlines his definitions of the three terms: Actuality: “What we are managing to do now, with existing resources, under existing constraints.” Capability: “This is what we could be […]

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What can Managers and Coaches Learn from the King’s Speech?

13th Jan, 2011

The following is an excerpt from the new film The King’s Speech: “Listen to me. Listen to me. Why should I waste my time listening to you? Because I have a voice! Yes, you do.” It is a poignant moment. A moment when Bertie, King George VI, claims his real, authentic voice and so, perhaps […]

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