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Creating Collaborative Teams – Collaboration at Work.

15th Jan, 2016
Emotions are contagious at work

Collaboration seems to be in vogue at many organisations at present. Silos are so last century! Click this link for a great article from Forbes magazine on creating collaborative teams. We can help you with our team impact solutions.  

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The House of Change – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

28th Mar, 2012

The House of Change – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel If you’re a regular reader of our monthly tips you’ll know that we love to draw learning from every-day events and experiences – holidays, hobbies, books, films etc. This month’s tip is no exception with the inspiration on change management drawn from the hugely successful film […]

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Achieving Change by Creating Well Formed Outcomes

17th Jan, 2012

How do we best set goals/well-formed outcomes to enable change to happen in our personal and business lives? Research has shown that well-formed outcomes are best created by asking a series of questions that clarify the goal. The basic questions are “What do you want?” and “How will you know when you have got it?”. […]

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Contagion at Work

16th Dec, 2011
Emotions are contagious at work

‘Contagion’ isn’t a word that I typically use in my day to day vocabulary.  Yet, in the past two months, as the Euro Crisis has evolved from a local difficulty on the extremities of Europe to a full-blown crisis at its very heart, ‘Contagion’ seems to be THE word on all the financial commentators’ lips.  […]

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Actuality, Capability, Potentiality

19th Oct, 2011

Do you accept actuality? What is your capability? Think what it will be like to reach your potentiality. Stafford Beer in his book ‘Brain of the Firm’ outlines his definitions of the three terms: Actuality: “What we are managing to do now, with existing resources, under existing constraints.” Capability: “This is what we could be […]

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What can Managers and Coaches Learn from the King’s Speech?

13th Jan, 2011

The following is an excerpt from the new film The King’s Speech: “Listen to me. Listen to me. Why should I waste my time listening to you? Because I have a voice! Yes, you do.” It is a poignant moment. A moment when Bertie, King George VI, claims his real, authentic voice and so, perhaps […]

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Leadership Skills – Reflection. How often do you reflect?

2nd Jul, 2010

How often do you reflect? Reflecting on what goes well and less well is key to improved performance. Daniel Siegel in his book ‘Mindsight’ says ” the essence of reflection is that we remain open, observant and objective about whats going on both inside us and inside others’ . Food for thought?

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Map of future trends link

28th May, 2010

brilliant tube map style map of future trends have a look!

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Effective Employee Engagement = Business Success

22nd May, 2010

Interesting intro to employee engagement via business link – sorry link now removed!!

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Making a Difference – The Star Thrower Story

17th Dec, 2009

The Star Thrower Story – Making a Difference

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