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Tips for emailing with Type in mind

4th Nov, 2016

OPP have created a great guide full of tips for emailing with different personality types in mind. You can download it here: quick-guide-to-effective-email-and-mbti-personality-type

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The Map is Not The Territory

16th Mar, 2014

  Like me you’ve probably used the London Underground and referenced the famous tube map to get you from A to B. On other occasions you may have been walking down the streets of London and been surprised at how close some stations are together and how far others are apart! A map is only a […]

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Have you considered a Myers-Briggs Team Day?

1st Feb, 2014

Have you considered a Myers Briggs Team Day training course to help with team development and team building? Here is some feedback from a day I did recently: ”  I have spoken to all who attended and they all enjoyed it and found it very useful. Some comments that were made were: “a very interesting, […]

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Put your goals in the positive

10th Jan, 2014

For many years we have been telling clients to make sure any goal is expressed in the positive. It seems that the brain doesn’t process negatives well. If I tell you for example to “not think of blue fish” your mind is probably now awash with images of blue fish! Away from or avoidance goals […]

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Interview Preparation – Bids, Pitch, Tendering

8th Apr, 2013
Success through coaching

It is becoming increasingly common for those tendering for major bids to have to attend an interview either individually or more commonly as a team. We help organisations prepare for such interviews by focussing the team on: 1. their own strengths and personalities often utilising one of a number of personality profiling tools, 2. the […]

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Are you equipped to have challenging conversations with staff?

18th Feb, 2013

Training and feedback should be at the heart of any good performance management strategy. Yet research suggests that employees are not getting useful or regular feedback from their leaders. Last year the Cornerstone OnDemand Survey, conducted in the US, found that 60% of employees haven’t had useful feedback from their bosses for six months. A […]

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What can Managers and Coaches Learn from the King’s Speech?

13th Jan, 2011

The following is an excerpt from the new film The King’s Speech: “Listen to me. Listen to me. Why should I waste my time listening to you? Because I have a voice! Yes, you do.” It is a poignant moment. A moment when Bertie, King George VI, claims his real, authentic voice and so, perhaps […]

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Cialdini reaches the NHS/positive language

31st Aug, 2010

The Guardian and the BBC Today Programme  report the use of influential language and particularly the principles of Dr Robert Cialdini (See his book Influence) is bringing tangible cost improvements for the NHS at no cost.  In particular the cost of missed appointments, no shows and Do Not Attends (DNAs) have been reduced using the principle of ‘social […]

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You Cannot Not Communicate

13th Aug, 2010

You Cannot Not Communicate You may have noticed that it is impossible not to communicate with people? Or, to put it more positively, you may have noticed that through non verbal clues, as much as verbal interactions, you are communicating all the time? Albert Mehrabian, currently Professor of Psychology at UCLA, has become well known […]

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Brain Rules

5th Jul, 2010

Brain Rules is a great website outlining the rules you need to keep in mind to engage, influence, communicate with others.

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