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Shakespeare, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

2nd Nov, 2016

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare. You may have seen or been involved in some of the commemoration events. A few weeks ago we watched a tribute screened live from the Royal Shakespeare Company. It was a feast of famous scenes from some of his plays acted out, read or […]

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Creating Collaborative Teams – Collaboration at Work.

15th Jan, 2016
Emotions are contagious at work

Collaboration seems to be in vogue at many organisations at present. Silos are so last century! Click this link for a great article from Forbes magazine on creating collaborative teams. We can help you with our team impact solutions.  

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How to lead extraverts and introverts

16th Mar, 2015
Managing Introverts and Extroverts

Great infographic from Insights on the different leadership / management styles required for extraverts and introverts. Click here now for more on Insights Discovery.

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The Happiness Formula?

22nd Dec, 2014

Over the past couple of decades a whole new branch of psychology has evolved called positive psychology. Academics around the world have started to study the positive side of human life looking into topics such as optimism, resilience, flow, strengths, emotional intelligence and happiness. The research into happiness, although still in its infancy, suggests that […]

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Ethiopia and the art of thinking clearly

19th Nov, 2014
Gill on top of the world in Ethiopia

We recently returned from a holiday in Ethiopia. Just the linking of the words ‘holiday’ and ‘Ethiopia’ may be causing you some mental confusion right now? Whenever we have told people, either before or since our holiday, we have been often met with some incredulous looks and sharp intakes of breath! Why should just linking […]

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20th May, 2014

The young man who lived #StephensStory We have recently run a number of short in-house bespoke workshops and one to one coaching sessions around the themes of personal effectiveness and work/life balance. Topics have included resilience, challenging limiting beliefs, mindfulness, prioritisation, taking ownership of your career and presenting yourself with impact. These are all themes […]

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The Map is Not The Territory

16th Mar, 2014

  Like me you’ve probably used the London Underground and referenced the famous tube map to get you from A to B. On other occasions you may have been walking down the streets of London and been surprised at how close some stations are together and how far others are apart! A map is only a […]

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Have you considered a Myers-Briggs Team Day?

1st Feb, 2014

Have you considered a Myers Briggs Team Day training course to help with team development and team building? Here is some feedback from a day I did recently: ”  I have spoken to all who attended and they all enjoyed it and found it very useful. Some comments that were made were: “a very interesting, […]

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Gorillas in the Mist

5th Dec, 2012

As some of you know we recently enjoyed a fantastic trip to Rwanda. This included two days tracking mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park where Diane Fosse did her pioneering research which was the inspiration for the film ‘Gorillas in the Mist’. The trek to reach the gorillas started at 7am when we assembled […]

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Bunch of Tweets – Amygdala hijacks feed Twitter

12th Oct, 2012

  Ashley Cole’s angry tweet directed at the Football Association is one of many examples when a high profile figure has used Twitter to lash out. He’s not the first sports star to use Twitter in this way (think Kevin Pieterson, Rio Ferdinand and Joey Barton).   Cole’s attack came after his evidence was criticised in […]

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