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Have you considered a Myers-Briggs Team Day?

1st Feb, 2014

Have you considered a Myers Briggs Team Day training course to help with team development and team building? Here is some feedback from a day I did recently: ”  I have spoken to all who attended and they all enjoyed it and found it very useful. Some comments that were made were: “a very interesting, […]

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Do we know how to listen?

25th Jul, 2013

Do we know how to listen?   A Story – The Sound of the Forest Back in China in the third century A.D., the King Ts’ao sent his son, Prince T’ai, to the temple to study under the great master Pan Ku. Because Prince T’ai was to succeed his father as king, Pan Ku was […]

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Are you equipped to have challenging conversations with staff?

18th Feb, 2013

Training and feedback should be at the heart of any good performance management strategy. Yet research suggests that employees are not getting useful or regular feedback from their leaders. Last year the Cornerstone OnDemand Survey, conducted in the US, found that 60% of employees haven’t had useful feedback from their bosses for six months. A […]

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Happiness and Work/Life Balance

14th Jan, 2013

Wishing people more happiness seems to rub off on everyone doesn’t it – whether it is ‘Happy Birthday’, Happy Anniversary’ ‘Happy Christmas’, ‘Happy New Year!, etc?   But, what if we could be happier all year around? The latest neuroscience research has found that activation of part of the brain called the left prefrontal cortex correlates with reported […]

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Brain Rules

5th Jul, 2010

Brain Rules is a great website outlining the rules you need to keep in mind to engage, influence, communicate with others.

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Leadership Skills – Reflection. How often do you reflect?

2nd Jul, 2010

How often do you reflect? Reflecting on what goes well and less well is key to improved performance. Daniel Siegel in his book ‘Mindsight’ says ” the essence of reflection is that we remain open, observant and objective about whats going on both inside us and inside others’ . Food for thought?

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Presenting Skills – feed the positive thoughts. Wolves, plants, water…

14th Jun, 2010

Presentation Skills – Feed the positive thoughts Or: Wolves, plants, water via Peter Thomson I heard the story it was about the Native American boy asking his grandfather about life. The wise one had explained that inside every person there were two wolves. One was brave and one was cowardly. The boy asked which one […]

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Presentation Skills – You Cannot Not Communicate

7th Jun, 2010

Another favourite tip: Presentation Skills – You cannot not communicate

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Making a Difference – The Star Thrower Story

17th Dec, 2009

The Star Thrower Story – Making a Difference

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Making Change Stick- The Masai and Logical Levels

26th Nov, 2009

Research by Gregory Bateson and Robert Dilts suggests that we have a hierarchy in the way we think about things. They identified six ‘logical levels of thought’, each level providing different information and building on the level below.

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