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Tips for emailing with Type in mind

4th Nov, 2016

OPP have created a great guide full of tips for emailing with different personality types in mind. You can download it here: quick-guide-to-effective-email-and-mbti-personality-type

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The 5 Secrets to passing the Myers Briggs Test

4th Mar, 2014
mbti for recruitment?

I have been administering the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for the past ten years. I am often asked ‘how do you get the best result’ or ‘how do I ensure I pass the Myers Briggs test?’ In this post I am going to share the five secrets to answer these questions. Secret 1. Answer quickly without […]

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Have you considered a Myers-Briggs Team Day?

1st Feb, 2014

Have you considered a Myers Briggs Team Day training course to help with team development and team building? Here is some feedback from a day I did recently: ”  I have spoken to all who attended and they all enjoyed it and found it very useful. Some comments that were made were: “a very interesting, […]

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Myers Briggs For Recruitment?

16th Sep, 2012

One of the most common requests we get is from organisations wanting to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator for recruitment and recruiting. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality profiling tool that looks at preferences on four dimensions of personality. MBTI is great for developing individuals and teams because it helps raise […]

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The Power of Introverts and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

26th Jul, 2012

Google is one incredible business. Not just because it has revolutionised the way we search for ‘things’ on the internet, but because of how the company’s progression is fuelled by great ideas and innovative thinking. The search engine gives staff free time to develop their own ideas for the business, and many of the Google updates […]

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Deluded Managers need self awareness and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

22nd May, 2012
Colin Graves - Executive Coach

Mind the leadership ‘reality gap’ with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® According to the latest Employee Outlook survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) while managers believe they are outstanding leaders their employers thinks something quite different. Some 72% of employers report a lack of leadership and management skills within their business. How […]

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Myers Briggs for NHS Teams – Team Development

22nd Apr, 2012

Many NHS trusts are increasingly interested in raising performance through improving the way teams within the organisation perform and work together. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator we have found is a great way to bring teams together as it highlights in a very non-judgemental way how different personalities interact in a work environment. We have worked […]

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The Myers Briggs Test and Myers Briggs Testing

21st Mar, 2012
Myers Briggs Testing

I have noticed some of the questions we get asked most are ‘do you do Myers Briggs testing ?’  or ‘do you offer the Myers Briggs Test?’ The problem I have is that the perception most people have is that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a test and so they ask about ‘Myers Briggs testing’ or […]

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Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Recruitment and Selection

16th Jan, 2011
mbti for recruitment?

We are  often asked to provide the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for recruitment and selection and our answer is always – definitely not because you could end up in court at an employment tribunal. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is what it says on the tin – an indicator – an indicator of preferences. It is an invaluable tool […]

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