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Achieving Change by Creating Well Formed Outcomes

17th Jan, 2012

How do we best set goals/well-formed outcomes to enable change to happen in our personal and business lives? Research has shown that well-formed outcomes are best created by asking a series of questions that clarify the goal. The basic questions are “What do you want?” and “How will you know when you have got it?”. […]

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Making Change Stick- The Masai and Logical Levels

26th Nov, 2009

Research by Gregory Bateson and Robert Dilts suggests that we have a hierarchy in the way we think about things. They identified six ‘logical levels of thought’, each level providing different information and building on the level below.

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A Summer Walk – The meaning of the communication is the response you get

7th Oct, 2009

The meaning of the communication is the response you get.

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