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The Case for Presence and Impact skills and presentation skills training

9th Mar, 2015
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In this article from Casio the case is clearly made for presence and impact training. We can help – see http://www.iridiuconsulting.co.uk/presenting-yourself-with-impact  UK organisations are losing out on new business due to a lack of proper presentation skills, according to the ‘Art of Presenting’ report from Casio. The study questioned over 250 senior business decision makers in UK […]

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Presentations: Story Telling and the Life of Pi

24th Apr, 2013

  The Life of Pi and the power of the metaphor As you probably know we like a good story! A good story providing a powerful metaphor, is often the best way to convey the challenges and victories of organisational life. Stories engage at the emotional level rather than the more logical level of most […]

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What can Managers and Coaches Learn from the King’s Speech?

13th Jan, 2011

The following is an excerpt from the new film The King’s Speech: “Listen to me. Listen to me. Why should I waste my time listening to you? Because I have a voice! Yes, you do.” It is a poignant moment. A moment when Bertie, King George VI, claims his real, authentic voice and so, perhaps […]

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Cialdini reaches the NHS/positive language

31st Aug, 2010

The Guardian and the BBC Today Programme  report the use of influential language and particularly the principles of Dr Robert Cialdini (See his book Influence) is bringing tangible cost improvements for the NHS at no cost.  In particular the cost of missed appointments, no shows and Do Not Attends (DNAs) have been reduced using the principle of ‘social […]

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You Cannot Not Communicate

13th Aug, 2010

You Cannot Not Communicate You may have noticed that it is impossible not to communicate with people? Or, to put it more positively, you may have noticed that through non verbal clues, as much as verbal interactions, you are communicating all the time? Albert Mehrabian, currently Professor of Psychology at UCLA, has become well known […]

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Brain Rules

5th Jul, 2010

Brain Rules is a great website outlining the rules you need to keep in mind to engage, influence, communicate with others.

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Leadership Skills – Reflection. How often do you reflect?

2nd Jul, 2010

How often do you reflect? Reflecting on what goes well and less well is key to improved performance. Daniel Siegel in his book ‘Mindsight’ says ” the essence of reflection is that we remain open, observant and objective about whats going on both inside us and inside others’ . Food for thought?

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Presenting Skills – feed the positive thoughts. Wolves, plants, water…

14th Jun, 2010

Presentation Skills – Feed the positive thoughts Or: Wolves, plants, water via Peter Thomson I heard the story it was about the Native American boy asking his grandfather about life. The wise one had explained that inside every person there were two wolves. One was brave and one was cowardly. The boy asked which one […]

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The importance of teaching soft skills as part of the MBA

11th Jun, 2010

The Importance of teaching soft skills as part of the MBA by Ms.Richa Ogra Dhar To be successful in today’s world it is important to be well equipped with the Soft Skills along with the Hard Skills. Well, we all are aware of hard skills- the technical skills required to do any task or perform […]

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Presentation Skills: Potential – Interference = Performance

Tim Gallwey in his classic book on coaching  ‘The Inner Game of Work’ recognised that to improve performance we have to reduce interference. He stated Potential minus Interference equals performance. So, what interferes with our presentations? Myles Downey in his book Effective Coaching suggests a number of things that can interfere: 1 Fear of making a […]

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