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The Case for Presence and Impact skills and presentation skills training

9th Mar, 2015
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In this article from Casio the case is clearly made for presence and impact training. We can help – see http://www.iridiuconsulting.co.uk/presenting-yourself-with-impact  UK organisations are losing out on new business due to a lack of proper presentation skills, according to the ‘Art of Presenting’ report from Casio. The study questioned over 250 senior business decision makers in UK […]

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The Map is Not The Territory

16th Mar, 2014

  Like me you’ve probably used the London Underground and referenced the famous tube map to get you from A to B. On other occasions you may have been walking down the streets of London and been surprised at how close some stations are together and how far others are apart! A map is only a […]

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Interview Preparation – Bids, Pitch, Tendering

8th Apr, 2013
Success through coaching

It is becoming increasingly common for those tendering for major bids to have to attend an interview either individually or more commonly as a team. We help organisations prepare for such interviews by focussing the team on: 1. their own strengths and personalities often utilising one of a number of personality profiling tools, 2. the […]

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Making Your Own Luck

19th Jan, 2012

Lucky I read this… I was recently recommended a book on luck – ‘The Luck Factor’ by Robert Wiseman. I must admit I was sceptical as I’ve always believed that you made your own luck and that waiting for luck to happen was no strategy for success. It turns out that Robert Wiseman who is […]

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