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Do we know how to listen?

25th Jul, 2013

Do we know how to listen?   A Story – The Sound of the Forest Back in China in the third century A.D., the King Ts’ao sent his son, Prince T’ai, to the temple to study under the great master Pan Ku. Because Prince T’ai was to succeed his father as king, Pan Ku was […]

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Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad – Presenting Yourself With Impact

25th Jun, 2012

As you are probably aware, presenting yourself with impact is one of our areas of specialisation.  We were therefore intrigued by the latest offerings from the Royal Shakespeare Company in which overseas theatre companies produce their own versions of Shakespeare’s plays, in their own languages, as part of the Cultural Olympiad. The most successful so […]

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The importance of teaching soft skills as part of the MBA

11th Jun, 2010

The Importance of teaching soft skills as part of the MBA by Ms.Richa Ogra Dhar To be successful in today’s world it is important to be well equipped with the Soft Skills along with the Hard Skills. Well, we all are aware of hard skills- the technical skills required to do any task or perform […]

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