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Ten Questions to Ask Before Setting Goals

9th Jan, 2015
Setting Goals

Latest research suggests that goal setting needs to be thought through and handled with care if it is not to become a problem. Below is a summary of the findings. I am sure you will be able to think of instances where goal setting has been counter productive in your own experience and/or when looking […]

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Time and Personal Management: Eat that Frog!

2nd Feb, 2014

  “Three o’clock is always too late and too early for anything you want to do”   – Jean-Paul Satre    Why do we procrastinate? Procrastination flourishes when we believe there is some spare time in the future (however imaginary) and something more pleasurable to do now (however unimportant!) I don’t know if the Internet […]

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Put your goals in the positive

10th Jan, 2014

For many years we have been telling clients to make sure any goal is expressed in the positive. It seems that the brain doesn’t process negatives well. If I tell you for example to “not think of blue fish” your mind is probably now awash with images of blue fish! Away from or avoidance goals […]

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Making Change Stick- The Masai and Logical Levels

26th Nov, 2009

Research by Gregory Bateson and Robert Dilts suggests that we have a hierarchy in the way we think about things. They identified six ‘logical levels of thought’, each level providing different information and building on the level below.

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