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Where can I get the Myers-Briggs Step II profile done?

8th Jan, 2016

Myers-Briggs Type II  

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Myers Briggs for NHS Teams – Team Development

22nd Apr, 2012

Many NHS trusts are increasingly interested in raising performance through improving the way teams within the organisation perform and work together. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator we have found is a great way to bring teams together as it highlights in a very non-judgemental way how different personalities interact in a work environment. We have worked […]

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Coalition and Leadership – who could help you today?

13th May, 2010

With the launch of a coalition government it got me thinking how often we assume we have to do everything on our own when there may be ways of involving others – others that until now we thought as competitors or rivals. Who could you partner with today? Food for thought?

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