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Ten Questions to Ask Before Setting Goals

9th Jan, 2015
Setting Goals

Latest research suggests that goal setting needs to be thought through and handled with care if it is not to become a problem. Below is a summary of the findings. I am sure you will be able to think of instances where goal setting has been counter productive in your own experience and/or when looking […]

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The Happiness Formula?

22nd Dec, 2014

Over the past couple of decades a whole new branch of psychology has evolved called positive psychology. Academics around the world have started to study the positive side of human life looking into topics such as optimism, resilience, flow, strengths, emotional intelligence and happiness. The research into happiness, although still in its infancy, suggests that […]

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20th May, 2014

The young man who lived #StephensStory We have recently run a number of short in-house bespoke workshops and one to one coaching sessions around the themes of personal effectiveness and work/life balance. Topics have included resilience, challenging limiting beliefs, mindfulness, prioritisation, taking ownership of your career and presenting yourself with impact. These are all themes […]

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Time and Personal Management: Eat that Frog!

2nd Feb, 2014

  “Three o’clock is always too late and too early for anything you want to do”   – Jean-Paul Satre    Why do we procrastinate? Procrastination flourishes when we believe there is some spare time in the future (however imaginary) and something more pleasurable to do now (however unimportant!) I don’t know if the Internet […]

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Put your goals in the positive

10th Jan, 2014

For many years we have been telling clients to make sure any goal is expressed in the positive. It seems that the brain doesn’t process negatives well. If I tell you for example to “not think of blue fish” your mind is probably now awash with images of blue fish! Away from or avoidance goals […]

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Happiness and Work/Life Balance

14th Jan, 2013

Wishing people more happiness seems to rub off on everyone doesn’t it – whether it is ‘Happy Birthday’, Happy Anniversary’ ‘Happy Christmas’, ‘Happy New Year!, etc?   But, what if we could be happier all year around? The latest neuroscience research has found that activation of part of the brain called the left prefrontal cortex correlates with reported […]

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