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Executive Coaching, Coaching Supervision and Internal Coach Supervision

Gill Graves

Gill Graves (pictured left) is a very experienced and highly qualified executive coach and coaching supervisor. Increasingly Gill is also working ‘in-house’ supervising internal coaches and coaching within organisations. Coach supervision with Gill is fun, challenging and professional. Gill’s qualifications include an MBA and MA in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. She is accredited by the EMCC at the highest level of Master Practitioner and is a qualified supervisor of coaches. Gill is also the author of ‘Coaching With Impact at Work’ available from Amazon. Based in Northampton, Gill works all over the UK although mainly in London, the Midlands and South East England.

Coach Supervision with Gill Graves

The practice of regular and professional supervision has long been embedded in many of the people professions including social work and counselling.  By contrast supervision is only recently becoming common place in the coaching profession.

The headline findings from a recent CIPD survey were unequivocal  –  coaches should have regular supervision.  The survey highlighted that even the most experienced coaches need help to constantly re-examine their practice, to continue to develop their skills and self-awareness and to avoid being drawn into their clients’ systems.  For organisations supervision can be a way of ensuring quality by opening up practice to peer scrutiny and by making sure that coaches are regularly attending to their personal and professional development.  For the coaching profession the establishment of coaching supervision can help to increase the credibility and image of the coaching industry.

Gill’s coaching supervision covers a broad range of areas including:

At Iridium we abide by the EMCC’s guidelines on supervision advocating regular professional supervision from a suitably qualified and experienced Coach Supervisor.  We offer a range of flexible supervision options so, whether you’re an experienced independent executive coach or an internal coach working in an organisation where coaching is just part of your remit, we’ll have something for you.  Supervision can be:

Gill incorporates a range of tools and techniques in our supervision practice including the Seven-Eyed Model (Hawkins and Shoet), The Full Spectrum Model (CSA) and a wide range of creative and imaginative methods.  Coach supervision with Gill is fun, challenging and professional.

Hear what Gill’s clients have to say:  ” Gill’s coaching has significantly increased my personal impact – I’m much more self aware, delivering an impact that I control and getting positive outcomes. Gill coaches with a good blend of carrot and stick, communicates with knowledge, common sense and empathy; and guides me to find my own solutions to improve my personal performance” Finance Manager and Coach NHS Birmingham

Gill also provides supervision and mentoring to attain the EMCC’s accreditation.

To find out more contact Gill Graves on 07881 636538 or via the web.