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Coaching With Impact – The Book

cwi-3d copyCoaching with Impact at Work provides a comprehensive toolkit of models, ideas and exercises that are immediately useable in your coaching. Based on Gill’s own experience as a coach and as a facilitator of coaching workshops everything in the book is tried, tested and proven in real life coaching situations.

Gill’s practical, powerful exercises and interventions here will expand your capacity to facilitate learning and change.”  Dr Alison Hodge, Alison Hodge Associates.

Coaching With Impact at Work is available now on Amazon at only £14.99



  1. What is coaching?
  2. Getting ready to coach
  3. Creating the coaching space
  4. Questions, questions, questions
  5. Goals, issues, ideas
  6. The GROW model
  7. Work/Life balance and Career Transitions
  8. Coaching through change
  9. Building Resilience
  10. A creative approach to managing relationships
  11. Emotional Intelligence and Transactional Analysis
  12. A strength-based approach to coaching
  13. Self Management
  14. Leadership
  15. Time to reflect

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