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Create a Feedback Culture

Creating a Coaching CultureResearch has shown that creating a culture that encourages open and honest feedback, both positive and developmental, across all levels enhances organisational performance. Iridium can enable a feedback culture through consultancy and our proven workshops.

All our workshops are bespoke and will be tailored for you. A typical one day in house workshop will allow participants to lean how to:
  • Understand and respect the different ways that people make sense of their experience by looking at the range of filters people use.
  • Understand your own communication preferences and how to use these to maximise your personal impact.
  • Build quality relationships, based on trust and confidence through rapport.
  • Understand the principles of effective feedback – both giving and receiving.
  • Review a range of feedback models including constructive, balanced, soft critiquing and giving credit.
  • Practise giving feedback by role playing organisational specific scenarios.
  • Create personal development plans
The emphasis is on learning tools that can be applied with immediate effect, and  the style is highly interactive, participative and personalised.
Comments from previous attendees of ‘Creating a Feedback Culture’:
“A great workshop”
“I particularly liked the filters and the chance to practise “
“It gave me very practical skills to take away”