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Development Centres for Organisational Development

You probably recognise that the majority of businesses do not fully realise the potential of their workforce, Iridium  will work with you  to optimise and enhance the skills of your team and so better manage your talent.  The first stage of any organisational development, leadership development programme or management development  programme is often a development centre to benchmark current skills and behaviours.  Iridium has undertaken a wide variety of Development Centre projects throughout the UK and Europe for ‘blue chip’ clients from its base in Northampton. You can call Colin Graves now on 07881 636538 to discuss your requirements or read on….

What is a Development Centre?Development Centres from Iridium

A process not a place

Several Candidates (4-12) observed together

Multiple exercises

Can include feedback from 360 degree and personality questionnaires

Observation of actual behaviours made by trained observers

A systematic assessment process is used based on competencies

Candidates able to demonstrate skills and abilities, not just talk about them

Produces an ongoing development plan for each candidate

Development Centres from Iridium

Your Development Centre will be tailored to your exact needs taking into account your company culture and the competencies that you value. If necessary we will work with you to put a competency framework in place.  A range of different tasks can be chosen from, for example: multi-rater 360 degree feedback, competency based interviews, analysis and presentation exercises either individually and/or in a group, fact finding, in-tray exercises, indoor or outdoor group simulation exercises and negotiation exercises.  In addition we can provide short workshops for participants to help them get the most out of the Development Centre process, for example in the past we have done workshops on creating compelling goals, understanding learning styles, and managing change.

Personality Questionnaires

Our consultants are accredited users of a range of personality questionnaires that can be included in your Development Centre; such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Insights Discovery Personal Profile.


Iridium has a team of experienced coaches and trainers that can provide further one to one coaching, training and leadership development following a development centre. 360 Degree Feedback can also be arranged. We can also provide development for your in-house coaches and managers.

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