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Innovation, Creativity and Change Skills for Organisations

Happy child with painted handsYou may have heard phrases such as, “Change is the only certainty in life” and “Don’t get too comfortable, it will probably all be different tomorrow”! More and more we’re being challenged to embrace change as a way of life. But how do we and others deal with change? What do we need in order to deal with the present and the future? How do we innovate? How can we be more creative? ‘Exploring Innovation, Creativity and Change’ combines the key tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to give you practical skills in understanding and working through change in an organisation.

Each workshop is bespoke and tailored to the needs of the client. The workshop can run for one day on innovation and creativity and one day on managing change or as a two day combined programme. Typically over a two day programme participants will learn how to:

Understand the “Cycle of Change” and how to deal with the various stages and avoid getting “stuck”.

Create their own personal compelling vision for their own organisation by starting with the destination in mind.

Understand how change creates a wide range of responses in people – from excitement and enthusiasm to panic and fear.

Explore their own response to innovation, creativity and change.

Try out a range of creative processes.

Take the mental strategy used by one of the world’s greatest creative geniuses (Walt Disney) and apply it to the generation, implementation and evaluation of a forthcoming project within their own organisation.

Increase confidence in managing ambiguity in business life.

Determine next steps to embed the learning from the workshop.

The emphasis is on learning tools, which you can apply with immediate effect. The style will be highly interactive, participative and personalised.

Ask for your free top 8 tips for building creativity and innovation.

Comments from previous participants:

“Really liked the feedback session. Format allowed for more deeper, more valuable feedback”

“The title doesn’t do the course justice as I particularly liked the vision forming part of the programme”


The content of this workshop can also be incorporated into talent development programmes and one to one coaching.

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