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Interview Preparation Coaching

Interview Skills Coaching – Preparing for an interview


This interview skills/interview preparation coaching workshop runs in-house or on a one to one basis.

It is a very ‘hands-on’ day with lots of input and participation required from the participants. Everything we do is bespoke and so the final agenda will be tailored to the participants. A typical agenda is as follows:

Preparing for the Interview Coaching: Researching the organisation and the role.

Exercises: What are the sources of information? What are Competencies?

Getting the interview – CV preparation.

Exercises: ‘What does a good CV look like?’ CV clinic to review participants cvs.

Generating potential Interview Questions.

Exercise to come up with likely questions. Technical questions, behavioural questions, competency based questions, ‘putting yourself in the interviewers shoes’.

Generating potential Interview Answers.

Exercise to come up with participants answers in their own words and generating examples and stories.

Presenting Yourself With Impact at interview.

Anchors of positive states for interviews. Beliefs for interviews. Making an impact in presentations. Presence. (All participants receive a copy of our book ‘Presenting Yourself With Impact’.

Putting it all together – interview practise coaching.

In pairs participants interview each other.

Participants to bring a copy of their cv, any details of jobs they are currently applying for and  any useful information they used/gained at recent interviews.


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