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360 Degree Feedback for Management Development

What is 360 Degree Feedback?

The 360 degree process comprises of two phases: 360 degree profiling and 360 degree coaching.

360 degree profiling is the process of gaining feedback from peers, clients, managers assessing the participant against a set of behaviours, competencies, or core values.

360 degree coaching, on the other hand, is the process of coaching the person who was assessed through the interpretation of their profiling results into a course of action that will result in behavioural change that will produce sustainable gains in productivity.

How can 360 Degree Feedback be used?

360 degree feedback is used in management development to:

Make the assessee aware of the perceptions of his/her behaviour in the workplace as viewed by his/her work colleagues
Identify behavioural strengths of the assessee
Identify areas of behaviour that may need development
Provide a basis for compiling a personal development plan
Create an environment where open discussion about behaviour is an accepted practice in the organisation

How can Iridium help?

Iridium in partnership with Insights, The Hay Group and The Leadership Challenge provides a range of options for 360 degree feedback. Everything we do is bespoke and so we will tailor a solution for you. For example:

1.    We can provide the well tried and tested Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) for Leadership and Management or build on participants experience of Insights Discovery with the 360 degree version, Insights Full Circle.

Or 2. Use the Hay 360 degree Emotional and Social Competency Inventory.

To download a sample report click here and/or see more on emotional intelligence and the emotional and social competency inventory.

Or 3.    We will work with you to define competencies and create a bespoke questionnaire.

We also provide you with consultancy on how to make the whole 360 feedback process a success by developing your skills in managing such a programme and in delivering feedback.


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