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Management Team Development and Coaching

Strength in NumbersWe are passionate about enabling teams to realise their full potential. Our experience is that many management teams, senior leadership teams and boards are not really a team. Quite often the team doesn’t even fully utilise the current capabilities of its members. Often we find that the management team consists of functional heads of various parts of the business who come together once a month for management meetings. Getting a management team to think, act and perform as a team requires more, in our opinion, than just giving them the title of a team – it requires development!

We can provide a range of interventions to facilitate management team development ranging from one day personality profiling based days, through a structured programme of workshops to individual executive coaching and/or management team coaching.  Everything we do is bespoke and tailored to the particular client’s needs. A typical management team development programme will cover – understanding self and the other team members, setting purpose, vision and values, analysing the current situation/issues, making change happen and defining what leadership means in the particular context the participants find themselves in.

Our UK clients include for example; Vodafone, M&G, The Open University and The NHS.

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