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Personal Effectiveness and Time Management

Personal Effectiveness and Time MAnagementThe most asked for workshop in our range is always personal effectiveness. It seems that every organisation is trying to do more with less and improve productivity. This means that individuals feel under increasing pressure and there is the need to improve personal effectiveness. We only bespoke run in-house workshops so that we can tailor the content for the particular ways of working in a particular client.

A typical personal effectiveness workshop covers:

Differentiating between “urgent” and “important”
Managing interruptions and crises more effectively
Making the most of the time you can control
Recognising and dealing with time wasters
Understanding and maximising your best time
Effective delegation
Prioritising and planning more effectively

Each participant also creates a personal development plan for improving their own personal effectiveness.

We can also cover the above topics in one to one executive coaching or as part of a wider talent development programme.

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