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Welcome! We are the Insights Discovery specialists. If you know what you want contact Colin Graves (An Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner and facilitator) now on 07881 636538.  Else read on…

Team development

What Insights and what discovery are you looking for?

Maybe…How can I improve performance?

How can I get people working better together in teams? 

How can I get to understand our customers better? 

How can I create a common language to transform our culture?

How can I recruit for behaviour rather than just technical ability?  

How can I grow leadership skills within managers? 

How can I have a fun team building session?

The Insights Discovery system will provide the basis to answer your questions and more. Insights Discovery can be used in a variety of different applications including individual development, team development, leadership development, sales, recruitment and selection. An individual profile is generated from the results of a quick online, 25 question, questionnaire. (The questionnaire is available in a range of languages and so is also ideal for multi-national teams.) We then provide feedback either at one to one coaching sessions or more usually at a group in-house training workshop. Each participant gets a highly detailed 20+ page personalised profile to take away.

We are an independent provider of in-house training workshops based on the Insights Discovery System for a wide range of organisations both big and small in the public and private sectors across the UK. Our clients include Vodafone, Biogen, Denso, Which Magazine and the NHS.

Everything we do is bespoke and so the Insights Discovery workshop will be tailored to your exact requirements depending on numbers involved, the length of the session and whether the focus is on individuals and/or teamwork and/or communication and/or leadership and/or sales.  Contact us now to discuss. (Please note the one thing we don’t do is provide accreditation in using Insights Discovery.)

Typical Insights Discovery Team Build Workshop Outline:

The goal of the Insights Discovery training workshop is to get to know each other better and raise each person’s self-awareness and awareness of others to enable them to further increase their effectiveness at work through better teamwork, communication, influence, problem solving and mutual understanding.

The workshop will be devised drawing on extensive previous Iridium experience in designing and facilitating Insights workshops for organisations similar to yours.  Iridium’s Insights consultants come with extensive hands-on management experience and so our approach is very pragmatic.  The workshop will be fast paced and fun and will require a high degree of participation.  The emphasis throughout will be on learning tools which can be applied immediately.  It is assumed that the Insights Discovery questionnaire will be completed online by each participant in advance of the event  and that all participants will be willing to share their type with the rest of the group at the event.

The Insights Discovery workshop will include:

Introductions with a difference. Each person introduces themselves with a quick flip charted description illustrated with photos from a large selection  that we provide.

Introduction to the four colour energies. Quick  overview and self scoring by each participant. Using the Insights card  game and introducing the Insights blocks. (This gets participants thinking  in terms of the four colour energies that are the basis of the Insights system and provides face validity for when  they receive their reports).

Introduction to the three dimensions  of personality and how they map to the Insights system.
Review of introversion–extroversion, sensing-intuition, and thinking-feeling, with examples and a couple of quick exercises to show difference in action. Reflection on how this can be utilised at work to promote better communication, mutual understanding and thus better results.

Introduction to the report and team wheel. Explanation of the content and various charts in the profile. Reflection time to read the report and then discussion with a partner about the impact of the report in terms of personal and team development. Review of the team wheel and the implications for the team of the mix of personalities within it.

The preferred ways of communicating.  Each participant explains their preferred way to be communicated with

Adapting and Connecting: Spotting Types and Communicating to and Influencing Types different to ourselves.  Participants have the opportunity to put all the learning together to plan and practise a conversation with a person who in the past they have found challenging.

Action planning. Each participant plans how they will continue their personal development.

 Completion of this Insights Discovery team workshop will enable your participants with:

Experience shows that teams that have been through the training are more productive afterwards. Research has also shown that self awareness and awareness of others is key for high performance. Every workshop is bespoke and tailored to the organisation’s needs. We can tailor the focus for example to be on communication, influence, sales, leadership or teamwork. The workshop can be tailored to last half a day, 5 hours or a full day.

We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and so, you only pay after the event.

You can call Colin Graves on 07881 636538 now to discuss your requirements and get a free proposal (if the line is busy please leave a message and we will get back to you) or  contact us now via the web

What is Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery recognises and celebrates the fact that each person in an organisation is unique, with different styles, needs and expectations. In these differences are great strengths for the organisation, but how do we recognise and make the best of them?

The Insights system uses a very easy to understand system of four Insights colour energies to describe personality that can be quickly learnt and implemented.  The four energies our cool blue, earth green, sunshine yellow and fiery red and I guess that you are already imagining people you know who can be described by one or two of those energies!

The comprehensive 20+ page Insights profile enables individuals to understand their working style and how this impacts on their relationships with others in the business environment. It also provides ideas on how they might develop to improve their effectiveness at work. By the sharing of profiles between team members a deeper understanding of others can be made, laying the foundation for improvements in team performance. If you would like a sample profile contact us now. You may also be eligible for a free personal profile.

The Insights Discovery psychometric personality profile is continually validated for accuracy and has been proven with over 10 million participants. The language is positive and supporting throughout and so is seen as non-judgemental.  Our experience is that the simple, memorable colour system used makes Insights Discovery easy to understand and recall; so enabling the system to get embedded and the investment returned many times over.

Other services that incorporate Insights Discovery include:Insights Discovery for recruitmentOne to One coaching, Leadership Development, Presenting Yourself With ImpactTeam Development.

Contact us now on 07881 636538 or via the contact page.