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Communication skills

The Case for Presence and Impact skills and presentation skills training

9th Mar, 2015
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In this article from Casio the case is clearly made for presence and impact training. We can help – see http://www.iridiuconsulting.co.uk/presenting-yourself-with-impact  UK organisations are losing out on new business due to a lack of proper presentation skills, according to the ‘Art of Presenting’ report from Casio. The study questioned over 250 senior business decision makers in UK […]

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Leadership Skills – Reflection. How often do you reflect?

2nd Jul, 2010

How often do you reflect? Reflecting on what goes well and less well is key to improved performance. Daniel Siegel in his book ‘Mindsight’ says ” the essence of reflection is that we remain open, observant and objective about whats going on both inside us and inside others’ . Food for thought?

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Latest CIPD research on trends in Talent Management

30th Apr, 2009

The latest CIPD report on trends in talent management in the UK makes interesting reading. It reports “ a number of surprising positives” including: 1) “Organisations are focussing more of the time engaging, motivating, retaining and fully using the skills of their existing workforce”. 2) “Uncertain times, for the most part have led to more […]

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Are you asking enough powerful questions?

Have you noticed that sometimes we are so keen to help people that when they make a statement or ask us a question we always try to provide an answer? Perhaps, at times, we don’t know enough about the stuation but we answer anyway. Perhaps they just need some space to work the answer out […]

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