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Emotional intelligence

Happiness and Work/Life Balance

14th Jan, 2013

Wishing people more happiness seems to rub off on everyone doesn’t it – whether it is ‘Happy Birthday’, Happy Anniversary’ ‘Happy Christmas’, ‘Happy New Year!, etc?   But, what if we could be happier all year around? The latest neuroscience research has found that activation of part of the brain called the left prefrontal cortex correlates with reported […]

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The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory

5th Mar, 2012
Emotions are contagious at work

What Is Emotional and Social Intelligence? Emotional and Social Intelligence is the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions effectively in ourselves and in others. It describes the behaviors that sustain people in challenging roles, or as their careers become more demanding, and it captures […]

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Emotional Intelligence – Self Awareness

7th Jul, 2010

Self Awareness is the cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence . Dan Siegel in his book Mindsight states “Becoming open to our body’s states – the feelings in our heart, the sensations in our belly, the rhythm of our breathing – is a powerful source of information. Becoming open to them is a gateway to self awareness”

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Coalition and Leadership – who could help you today?

13th May, 2010

With the launch of a coalition government it got me thinking how often we assume we have to do everything on our own when there may be ways of involving others – others that until now we thought as competitors or rivals. Who could you partner with today? Food for thought?

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Fire Fighting Like the Professionals

24th Mar, 2010

I found myself wondering how often we think we have put out ‘fires’ and move on to something else without focussing our attention and ensuring:
• That the ‘fire’ can’t flare up again
• There have been no knock on effects
• We have put everything back in its place
• We have reflected on what happened and what our own contribution might have been
• We have extracted the learning from the experience

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Are we are all biased?

3rd Aug, 2009

In his latest article for People Management magazine Binna Kandola explains that “psychological research quite clearly demonstrates that all human beings are biased”. The key, he contends, is that we need to be aware of our biases in order to maximize our opportunities and performance in a diverse society. Self awareness is one of the cornerstones of emotional intelligence which in turn has been shown to correlate with leadership success.

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