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employee engagement

Happiness and Work/Life Balance

14th Jan, 2013

Wishing people more happiness seems to rub off on everyone doesn’t it – whether it is ‘Happy Birthday’, Happy Anniversary’ ‘Happy Christmas’, ‘Happy New Year!, etc?   But, what if we could be happier all year around? The latest neuroscience research has found that activation of part of the brain called the left prefrontal cortex correlates with reported […]

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ROI for executive coaching

26th Jun, 2010

In their book ‘the Extraordinary Coach’ Zenger and Stinett quote their own research that shows a positive correlation between coaching and employee commitment, employee satisfaction and employee effort. If you want to increase employee engagement then a coaching culture is a prerequisite, it seems. Talk to us about creating a coaching culture.

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Effective Employee Engagement = Business Success

22nd May, 2010

Interesting intro to employee engagement via business link – sorry link now removed!!

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