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Leadership Skills – Reflection. How often do you reflect?

2nd Jul, 2010

How often do you reflect? Reflecting on what goes well and less well is key to improved performance. Daniel Siegel in his book ‘Mindsight’ says ” the essence of reflection is that we remain open, observant and objective about whats going on both inside us and inside others’ . Food for thought?

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Public Sector faces leadership challenge as budget cuts bite

1st Jul, 2010

Article from CIPD Personnel Management Magazine – Public sector faces leadership challenge as budget cuts bite Talk to us about our leadership development programmes for the Public Sector

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Leadership is a process

26th Jun, 2010

Peter Northouse in his book ‘Leadership and Practice’ defines leadership as “a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.” He explains that defining leadership as a process has implications – ” it means that it is not a trait or characteristic that resides in the leader but a […]

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Coalition and Leadership – who could help you today?

13th May, 2010

With the launch of a coalition government it got me thinking how often we assume we have to do everything on our own when there may be ways of involving others – others that until now we thought as competitors or rivals. Who could you partner with today? Food for thought?

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Fire Fighting Like the Professionals

24th Mar, 2010

I found myself wondering how often we think we have put out ‘fires’ and move on to something else without focussing our attention and ensuring:
• That the ‘fire’ can’t flare up again
• There have been no knock on effects
• We have put everything back in its place
• We have reflected on what happened and what our own contribution might have been
• We have extracted the learning from the experience

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Making a Difference – The Star Thrower Story

17th Dec, 2009

The Star Thrower Story – Making a Difference

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Are we are all biased?

3rd Aug, 2009

In his latest article for People Management magazine Binna Kandola explains that “psychological research quite clearly demonstrates that all human beings are biased”. The key, he contends, is that we need to be aware of our biases in order to maximize our opportunities and performance in a diverse society. Self awareness is one of the cornerstones of emotional intelligence which in turn has been shown to correlate with leadership success.

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Michael Jackson, Iran and Discursive Leadership

1st Jul, 2009

What have Michael Jackson, Iran and Leadership got in common? This post contends that the way they are viewed is a construction that people negotiate between themselves

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Hog Hollow: Excellence – Innate or developed?

17th Jun, 2009
Hog Hollow

Is Leadership innate or developed – a case study from our recent visit to South Africa

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Latest CIPD research on trends in Talent Management

30th Apr, 2009

The latest CIPD report on trends in talent management in the UK makes interesting reading. It reports “ a number of surprising positives” including: 1) “Organisations are focussing more of the time engaging, motivating, retaining and fully using the skills of their existing workforce”. 2) “Uncertain times, for the most part have led to more […]

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