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The Case for Presence and Impact skills and presentation skills training

9th Mar, 2015
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In this article from Casio the case is clearly made for presence and impact training. We can help – see http://www.iridiuconsulting.co.uk/presenting-yourself-with-impact  UK organisations are losing out on new business due to a lack of proper presentation skills, according to the ‘Art of Presenting’ report from Casio. The study questioned over 250 senior business decision makers in UK […]

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Presentation Skills: Potential – Interference = Performance

11th Jun, 2010

Tim Gallwey in his classic book on coaching  ‘The Inner Game of Work’ recognised that to improve performance we have to reduce interference. He stated Potential minus Interference equals performance. So, what interferes with our presentations? Myles Downey in his book Effective Coaching suggests a number of things that can interfere: 1 Fear of making a […]

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Presentation Skills: The walk on – David Cameron

12th May, 2010

  Did you notice David Cameron’s ‘walk on’ last night? He did a great job – walking down Downing Street, approaching the microphone, stopping and pausing before speaking and then staying rock solid still as he spoke. We always get participants on our presentation skills training workshops to practice ‘walking on’. On the basis that […]

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