We are passionate about enabling leaders, managers, teams and individuals to maximise their potential. Imagine your organisation utilising the full potential of all its employees.

Team Building and Team Development – Northampton, London and UK-Wide

Team developmentWe are passionate about enabling teams to maximise their potential. Imagine your teams operating to their full potential. Iridium, based in Northampton and operating across London, the UK and Europe, has considerable experience of working with teams at all levels in an organisation. We can provide team days, team building events, team coaching and on-going team development programmes. If you know what you want contact Colin Graves now on 07881 636538, else read on…

Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds, public and private sector, large and small and include Vodafone, The NHS, PoloRalphLauren and The Open University.

Team Building Days – Northampton, London and UK-wide

The choice of programme is up to you. We  can provide a mixture of analytical and thought provoking exercises and also use tools such as personality questionnaires (see Myers-Briggs Team Building Days and Insights Discovery Team Building Days) We can also add in some ‘fun’ themed elements such as treasure hunts, karting, drumming, pottery, chocolate making, horse whispering – the choice is almost endless!

A recent team event was the largest we have ever done and involved organising an afternoon of activity for 120 international staff of a major multinational. The event took place in Germany and included a treasure hunt themed around pirates.

Team Building and Team Development Programmes – Northampton, London and UK-wide

Working with a team over a number of weeks/months allows a structured programme of workshops to be put together for team development. Each programme is bespoke but typical features are sessions on

Self understanding and understanding others in the team using Myers-Briggs or Insights
Creating a shared Vision and values
Setting goals
Understanding roles and responsibilities
Streamlining processes

To get ideas on team building and team development call Colin Graves now on 07881 636538 or contact us via the web.