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Work/Life Balance In-House Programmes and Coaching

Work Life BalanceWe provide a range of work/life balance programmes and coaching including in-house bite size one hour sessions, longer half day or day long workshops and one to one coaching. Everything we do is bespoke and we will tailor a solution to your specific needs.

All our work/life balance sessions are highly participative and require the total engagement of participants. It is expected that participants understand that anything less than 100% commitment to their work/life balance goals will result in sabotage of their efforts. We also expect participants to accept that they have a choice in how they create a balance and so, it is up to them to be proactive in making changes.


Typical sessions will include

  1. Wheel Of Life:  Each individual has their own meaning for work-life balance. This session uses the idea of a wheel of life with different spokes corresponding to different areas of our work and life. Using this graphical representation we explore which areas we would like better balance in and ask the question “What do you want?” We then use the ‘well formed outcomes’ questions to hone our goals and desired outcomes.
  2. Beliefs: What are beliefs? What beliefs that served us well in the past may be hindering us now? How we can challenge our beliefs? Beliefs of excellence. How do our thoughts influence our behaviours and results?
  3. Prioritization: Understanding the difference between ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ tasks and how effective people spend their time. Setting priorities, breaking down tasks and planning more effectively. Finding and protecting our most productive times of the day for important work.
  4. Taking Control:Making the most of the time we can control. Controlling procrastination. Assertiveness and effective ways of dealing with interruptions and other time-stealers.
  5. Resilience: How to  build resilience in all areas of life and work. The Seven key components to resilience.
  6. Anchoring   positive states:      Exercises to enable participants to quickly access positive and useful states such as calm, confidence. happiness, etc.
  7. Mindfulness: Brief introduction to mindfulness which has been shown to help participants achieve balance in their lives. With reference to the latest research from Google’s in-house programme.

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